Teer Result

Teer Result

Teer result

Check result of all Teer Today. Jowai Teer result, Shillong Meghalaya Teer result and Guwahati Khanapara Teer results are uploaded here. Check old result of Teer and also you can help yourself with the common number of Teer.

Teer result Today-Jowai, Khanapara and Shillong Teer result

updated on – 19-08-19

All Teer results are uploaded here, on different sections, you can try for different Teer result on this website also of different times. Check your teer result of Jowai Teer, Khanapara Teer and a beautiful game of Shillong teer game. We provide all the round’s result of Teer.

Juwai Teer result- Teer result today:

Here Juwai Teer result will be uploaded for both the first and second round at the time mentioned below, Please stay updated and keep refreshing the page for the latest update of teer result. Also you can found the old Juwai Teer result here at below. click here to check old Juwai teer results.

Juwai Teer Result
FR (2:15 P.M) SR (2:45 P.M)

Shillong Teer result- Teer result today:

Shillong Teer results will be uploaded here for both the first and second round on its mentioned time, Stay updated. Keep refreshing the page. It will help you to get the latest update of teer results. Also you can found the old Shillong Teer result here. You can also check the recent games of teer result. Click here to check old Shillong teer results.

Shillong Teer Result
FR (3:45 P.M) SR (4:45 P.M)

Guwahati Teer result- Teer result today:

Check Khanapara Teer results here, we will upload results of both the first and second round on the mentioned time, Keep refreshing the page, that will help you to stay update of teer results. You can also check the old Khanapara Teer result here. Check the result of old Teer games. Click here to check old Khanapara teer results.

Guwahati/Khanapara Teer Result
FR (3:50 P.M) SR (4:25 P.M)

Best wishes, for the teer results, here all teer results are maintained so clearly that makes you easy to access. These results are pasted from the parent websites and our purpose is to helping the users of this game to get access to these results so easily.

Teer result today showing the result for Juwai Teer, Shillong Teer, and Khanapara Teer. You are checking the latest result at Lotterysambad.in, You can also check old results here.

About- Teer game

This is a game, origin from Meghalaya, Shillong. Traditionally called “Thoh Tim”. This is an old traditional game in Meghalaya. Now this game is played by many states including Assam. At Assam, this game is also known by the same name and played twice a day as first round and second round. Teer games are played daily except Sunday.
Teer lottery result comes out at three different times every day.
You can also check for common numbers here.Common Numbers are based on a certain mathematical calculation using past results, these are uploaded regular basis by guessing on the past game results. This website is made with purpose to give result to Meghalaya peoples only. Please make sure of this.

Teer result- Shillong Teer old result

Check shillong teer old result here, of the last week-
Shillong Teer previous result

13 May 20198876
11 May 20198238
10 May 20191536
09 May 20196319
22 February 20197172
21 February 20199039
20 February 20196491
10 January 20196479
09 January 20198429
07 January 20197986
05 January 20194476
04 January 20199870
03 January 20195899
28 December 20181026
27 December 20188830
26 December 20189389
24 December 20181582
22 December 20182952
21 December 20189384

Jowai Teer old result
Khanapara Teer old result

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Hope you enjoy Teer Result today, all results are copied from the parent websites, any doubt regarding any result can be cleared out by just checking the other webistes. We are just helping out by spreading the result to the maximum number of players. Our motive is to spread the fun of these game.
So  try it! Maybe you are lucky today.

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