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Teer result Today – Shillong Teer | Meghalaya Teer result – Jowai Teer result – Khanapara Teer results

All Teer results are uplaoded here at lotterysambad, This teer results are for Meghalaya Teer users only. Check out this exclusive game result here and win this beautiful game. Check old results and get some help at this game by using these Dream numbers from our experts.
Check teer result of today 19 Aug 2019
Teer Result

Teer result Today

  • Shillong teer result today, Jowai Teer result today, Khanapara teer result today.
  • Check today’s Teer result, also check the old result of khanapara teer, Meghalaya Teer and of Jowai teer.
  • Checkout our dream numbers that will make it easy for you to understand this game.

Jowai teer result

Check your Jowai teer result of both first and second round here at 4.00 P.M, Its is another very popular game of teer at the site of Meghalaya, We have mentioned both the time carefuly below, also you can check old Jowai Teer result at the end of the website.

Jowai Teer Result
FR (2:15 P.M) SR (2:45 P.M)

Shillong Teer result

Shillong game results are uploaded here. as we discussed we have mentiond both the round of the Shillong Meghalaya tir. First and the second round of this game are appear at different times. Old resultl of Shillong teer are at the end of the website.

Shillong Teer Result
FR (3:45 P.M) SR (4:45 P.M)

Teer result today Khanapara

Teer result today-Khanapara Teer result. Check your result below, both the section of khanapara teer are clearly uploaded here. This game has some old results those are uploaded here at bottom of this website. Also check the dream number of Khanapara tir.

Guwahati/Khanapara Teer Result
FR (3:50 P.M) SR (4:25 P.M)

All Teer – Old results

Jowai Teer previous result

11 May 20199922
10 May 20192306
09 May 20199821
22 February 20196044
21 February 20191375
20 February 20197238
11 January 20192553
10 January 20199407
09 January 20196096
07 January 20196336
05 January 20194696
04 January 20199039
03 January 20196819
28 December 20185417
27 December 20187585
26 December 20189153
24 December 20187578
22 December 20189544
21 December 20181350

Khanapara Teer previous result
11 May 20196778
10 May 20194039
09 May 20194672
22 February 20191902
21 February 20192772
20 February 20196788
10 January 20199209
09 January 20193529
07 January 20190128
05 January 20191337
04 January 20197359
03 January 20192638
28 December 20189406
27 December 20180879
26 December 20185104
24 December 20185820
22 December 20181271
21 December 20185782
20 December 20187654

Check Shillong Teer old result here

Teer Dream numbers

This game is bassed on luck and no one can really predict perfectly these numbers. Here we just making some gusses with a purpose of fun and to support our players.
Check out our dream numbers that will help you to raisin this game. This number are just our prediction, There is no guarantee that This numbes will come in the exact
results. Numbers were taken from the past game and were guessed by our team on behalf of the number pattern form the last games. These numbers are given with a purpose
to make you feel easy and to make predict your number. So enjoy the game.
teer result today