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The word Sambad here means the result of different lotteries of our country. Sangbad or Sambad could mean anything that carries a news or report of one place or one game too many places or too many audiences of the relevant game.

www lottery sambad.in – our purpose

The main purpose of this website is to provide information of different lottery games of our country. Carry out their result to the audiences. Thus lottery Sambad is just helping the audiences by giving them the proper knowledge of these games.

Lottery Sambad index

At our home page, you can directly access to different games and check their result. Also, we have put a direct and shortcut result of Teer game, that allows you to get fast information about this game.

Lottery Samabd today’s result- what we offer

Here in lottery Sambad, we have targeted especially four lottery games of our country. Each of these four games is very popular and played by the whole country. All of them are stated and described in the following paragraphs.
First, of them lottery Sambad has included the most played and the most popular game in the south, These games are very popular, especially in Kerala. In Kerala lottery, there are seven different games that are organized weekly, lottery Sambad has handled all these games separately and clearly.
Also, Lottery sambad has included the lottery game of Nagaland state, this lottery in Nagaland is very popular, our website has organized a completely different page of Nagaland lottery where you can find the old results also.
Lottery sambad have another Page where you can check the results of the Sikkim state lottery. This is a state lottery game of Sikkim. The result of this games comes out usually in evening time every day. There are many different games in Sikkim lottery.
Teer games of Meghalaya and Assam is also included in lottery Sambad, Teer is another interesting game which result is declared in the second session of the day. Lottery sambad also have focused on the overall result of Teer on a different page.

Lottery Sambad yesterday result

Also, we have focused on old results of the games that we have mentioned. You can easily retrieve these old results. These results are stored in date wise serially, that will help you to understand easily.
Lottery Sambad results are copied from the other official websites of the games. This page has made with a purpose to help the seekers of these game results, to provide them easy and a fast way to retrieve the results. To help the users by giving them flash and fast update of the game. Also, lottery Sambad makes it easy to understand the game technique and terms and conditions. If you have any doubt regarding any results in any lottery game please check the results on other official websites as well.
Thank you for using Lottery Sambad, Hope you will find the site useful. And, like us on Facebook and share it.

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