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Check and enjoy the result of Lottery Sambad Today. Updated on 14-09-19.

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Teer result Today

Check all Teer result of Meghalaya Teer and khanapara teer, All results are uploaded here. Also, check the old results of Teer lottery here.
Teer result on 14 Sep 2019-

All Teer Results
Meghalaya Teer results Khanapara Teer results

Teer results are uploaded here with all information that will make it easy for you to understand, In this result, you will have both first round result and the second round result. Also, you can check the old teer reuslt of Shillong Teer , Jowai Teer and of Khanapar Teer also. We have provided dream numbers and that you help you to raisin this game. All information here mentioned here. Go to our page Teer and check your Teer result here. This Teer results are for Meghalaya peoples only. All Teer results are collected here at lottery Sambad.

Lottery Sambad Today- Nagaland lottery result

lottery sambad
Nagaland Lotteries
Nagaland lottery result today uploading the current result, click on the link below, check your Nagaland lottery result of three different times.

Nagaland lottery result for today at 12 pm and 8 pm. Click in to check today’s result of Nagaland lotteries Click Here

Here we have focused on daily Nagaland lottery results. You can get the old results of Nagaland lotteries. Lottery Sambad has focused on Three different times of Nagaland lottery. This lottery has three different games, one is in the morning and the other two are in the evening. Here currently showing results for dear morning 12:00 pm result and the result of dear evening game Nagaland lottery 8 pm result. Lottery results are uploaded in two formats, you can download the old results in PDf format or check it online.

lottery sambad

Sikkim lottery result-
Sikkim state lottery results are uploaded here at lottery sambad, All Sikkim state lotteries are available here with all its time and date. Click the below the link to check today’s result of Sikkim state lottery.

All time Sikkim lottery result today uploaded here Click Here

Sikkim state is a lottery is a very popular game of our state Sikkim , we have included various game of this state, also trying to give updates regarding old result of each game, We have other old results of each game , that will help you to get the older result of Sikkim state lottery, You can check the old result here directly at Sikkim state lottery.

lottery sambad

Kerala lottery result updates as on – 14-09-19

Kerala lottery result for today.
Click here to check today’s result of Kerala lotteries
Click Here

Kerala lottery is a good game for our South India. There are different games with different prize money. Lottery Sambad has focused on all the games of the Kerala lottery. All results are uploaded in PDF format as well as in open format.

Kerala lottery Teer results are also uploaded here at Kerala lottery. Check Kerala lottery Teer both round result first and fast here only. Teer result Kerala lottery.

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Lottery Sambad

This page shows all categories of the result of different games from different states. The focused states are Nagaland, Sikkim, Kerala, Assam, and Meghalaya. All results are categories differently that will make easy for you to understand it. Also, we have given the flash result of Teer lottery. Other results are directed to their pages and results are uploaded therein. Check the result and download the PDF of it.
So give a shot! Maybe next is you to wine this prize money.
Here at Lotterysambad.in we have the following results. Click below and enjoy the result of your favorite game. You can access the game result and its full information from here –

We have explained all the games below in different section-

Teer lottery:
This is a games plays in north east of India, Especially Meghalaya and Asssam, Both have different places and times to announce the results. We have focused all the times of this game and make it clear by creating different division to present this results. You can also check full information of Teer lottery here at assamteer.com.

Nagaland lottery:
This is the only popular game in Nagaland, this game has popularity outside of its state also, and it has three different time of game in a day, first round of this game is at 11:55 A.M morning, the second round is held at 4:00 P.M and the third round is at 8:00 P.M. With different prize money this game is good and very popular. This is one of the very popular game type on lottery sambad.

We have discussed all the type of lottery sambad game in the below paragraph:

  • Lottery sambad Nagaland lottery.
  • Lottery sambad dear flamingo.
  • Lottery sambad dear parrot.
  • Lottery sambad dear eagle.
  • Lottery sambad dear falcon.
  • Lottery sambad dear vulture.
  • Lottery sambad dear ostrich.
  • Lottery sambad dear hawk.
  • Lottery sambad Teer result.
  • Lottery sambad Shillong Teer.
  • Lottery sambad khanapara Teer.
  • Lottery sambad Jowai teer.
  • Lottery sambad Sikkim lottery.
  • Lottery sambad Kerala lottery.
  • Lottery sambad Nirmal lottery.
  • Lottery sambad Karunya lottery.
  • Lottery sambad Akshaya lottery.
  • Lottery sambad Sthree Sakthi lottery.
  • Lottery sambad Win Win lottery.
  • Lottery sambad Pournami lottery.
  • Lottery sambad Karunya lottery.

Kerala lottery:
It is a big game of south India, Kerala is the home state of this game. This game has very big prize money. Also it is played across all over the country. This game declares its result at 4:00 P.M every day. It has seven different games, each of that are happens in different days. Overall it is the most popular game in south.

Sikkim lottery:
This is government lottery game of Sikkim, very popular in Sikkim, it has different games in different days, with prize money this games declares its result daily.

Lottery sambad Todays result:

We have mainly focused on the current result at This website. You can also get the old result of Nagaland lottery and Kerala lottery. So if you miss a result you can check it here. This website get update every day at 11:00 A.M. Till this time you can check the previous result. There could be change in time in times if the games update their time, lottery sambad will update the time as soon as possible, so keep your touch with us.

Lottery Sambad:

Results are copied from the other official websites of the games. This page has made with a purpose to help the seekers of these game results, to provide them easy and a fast way to retrieve the results. To help the users by giving them flash and fast update of the game. Also, we hope we made it easy to understand the game technique and terms and conditions. If you have any doubt regarding any results in any lottery game please check the results in other official websites as well.
Thank you for using Lottery Sambad, Hope you will find the site useful. And, like us on Facebook and share it.

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